Challenge in RE

We probably all recognise a caricature of RE lessons which revolves around tasks that keep children’s attention but don’t seem to stretch. We have all, perhaps, taught some of those lessons- and one important caveat is that each of learning experiences that we use that might in one lesson be incredibly valuable, but we need … More Challenge in RE

The Music of Life

I wrote an article a number of years ago that was never published. It links with my last post on the use of pop culture. It explores the religious beliefs that might lie behind some aspects of Tolkien’s writings in The Silmarillion. I wrote in my last blog post about the Chronicles of Narnia and … More The Music of Life

Pop culture and RE: an under-realised third space

In questioning beginning teachers’ experiences of Religious Education during their schooling I am invariably met with a very mixed group of responses. Some, usually because of the teacher bringing the subject alive, loved it. Others, for a plethora of other reasons struggled to see the value of it, or actually remember anything they ever did. … More Pop culture and RE: an under-realised third space