Challenge in RE

We probably all recognise a caricature of RE lessons which revolves around tasks that keep children’s attention but don’t seem to stretch. We have all, perhaps, taught some of those lessons- and one important caveat is that each of learning experiences that we use that might in one lesson be incredibly valuable, but we need … More Challenge in RE

Shared humanity

This post originally appeared as part of the Email a Believer blog at RE Online Sometimes I look at the world and am really encouraged by the love that people share with each other. Other times, I become disheartened because people don’t show that love, and potentially show or articulate hate. There are so many … More Shared humanity

Power dynamics and the minority voice

Recently I have been putting together some thoughts about power dynamics in majority-minority relationships. A major area of my research at work at the moment is the representation and visibility of minority religions in the Religious Education classroom and curricula. In this case, the six major religions of the world (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism … More Power dynamics and the minority voice

How should we use religious objects in the classroom?

I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams WB Yeats Every year with my Secondary PGCE students we discuss the use of objects within the RE classroom. As a way in to the discussion we read Roger Homan’s article from the British Journal of Religious Education in … More How should we use religious objects in the classroom?

Who owns a religion?

What do I mean by this title? Essentially, those who ‘own’ something get to determine the rules and the acceptable boundaries of use. For example, in sport there are numerous national and international bodies that are recognised as the authority and any change to rules or procedures has to go through them. To extend the … More Who owns a religion?