Difference in religion 2011-2021

Yesterday I posted about the breakdown of the ‘other’ religion category in the 2021 Census. Much has rightly been made of the increase in no religion, and the diversity of what this category means. Also, of the decrease in those identifying as Christian. There are many questions that surround these developments- not least of which is ‘Is religion in decline, or are people more comfortable in identifying as non-religious?’ There are many reasons that could lie behind the statistics that are ripe for discussion, and indeed have played out in the media over the last day or so.

The differences between 2011 and 2021 have been noted at more notable statistics. Below is a breakdown I have put together that shows the differences in the 58 Categories that the ONS used. Alevi, Valmiki and Yazidi are groups who were not noted in 2011 and are new in this data set. Also of interest are the groups from 2011 who are not found in the 2021 data set: Non-religious: Heavy Metal (6242) and Non-religious: Jedi Knight (176,632).

This data is presented without comment but may be of interest:

Religion as stated20212011Difference
Other religion: Alevi2567225,672
No religion: Agnostic3211432382-268
No religion: Atheist1384829267-15,419
No religion: Free Thinker305513-208
No religion: Humanist1024615067-4,821
No religion: No religion22105473138367788,268,695
No religion: Realist76348-272
Other religion: Animism802541261
Other religion: Baha’i47165021-305
Other religion: Believe in God24142969-555
Other religion: Brahma Kumari235442-207
Other religion: Chinese Religion112182-70
Other religion: Church of All Religion24408-384
Other religion: Confucianist76124-48
Other religion: Deist10931199-106
Other religion: Druid24904189-1,699
Other religion: Druze626515111
Other religion: Eckankar329379-50
Other religion: Heathen472119582,763
Other religion: Jain24991202884,703
Other religion: Mixed Religion1140223566-12,164
Other religion: Mysticism145204-59
Other religion: Native American Church82127-45
Other religion: New Age397698-301
Other religion: Occult490502-12
Other religion: Other religions660161381352,203
Other religion: Own Belief System21991949250
Other religion: Pagan737335662017,113
Other religion: Pantheism2299221683
Other religion: Rastafarian59487906-1,958
Other religion: Ravidassia957211058-1,486
Other religion: Reconstructionist742251491
Other religion: Satanism505418933,161
Other religion: Scientology18592418-559
Other religion: Shamanism78896507,239
Other religion: Shintoism13751075300
Other religion: Spiritual316111383217,779
Other religion: Spiritualist3313439061-5,927
Other religion: Taoist37244144-420
Other religion: Theism86083030
Other religion: Thelemite22718443
Other religion: Traditional African Religion66158873
Other religion: Unification Church202452-250
Other religion: Universalist764923-159
Other religion: Valmiki10341,034
Other religion: Vodun25720849
Other religion: Wicca12813117661,047
Other religion: Witchcraft10451276-231
Other religion: Yazidi413413
Other religion: Zoroastrian40904105-15
Religion not stated35955894038032-442,443

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